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This blog concerns itself with the ordinary things that Kenyans are concerned with. There are various categories of articles. You may use category  or the links on the side bars to navigate around. You may also wish to contact us: do so by writing your comment and submitting.
Some Key statistics on Kenya:
Population: 37.5 million
Total Debt: $6,700 million
GNI: $25,600 million
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2 Responses to “About”

  1. Michael Onyango said

    Museveni’s comments have revealed alot about the people that we can trust with our hallowed constitutional responsibilities. President Kenyatta, President Moi, both leaders never really liked the “Jaluos” but at least, they protected their country’s sovereignty.

    The were strong and we miss them.

    • sumaku said

      Museveni is a foreigner. He cannot isolate any community in Kenya and abuse them. He has abused all Kenyans. But, he is blackmailing Kibaki because he knows something which Kibaki also knows. One day it will come into the open. -Editor

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