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Esther Adongo Tim-ber-a-lake: Pressure from pregnancy out of wedlock?

Posted by Popular Ombudsman on April 3, 2010

It appears that Esther Adongo may have had good reasons underlying her apparently irrational headlong rush into announcing a marriage with a man who was in prison. Having gone public in a solo performance to announce her ‘nuptials’ with a certain Quincy, many people were flabbergasted that she could not wait for the man to be by her side as they announced the good news.

More perplexing was her statement that ‘as for Quincy, you can get more details from Hellon who knows him better’! Ordinarily, people seek to know as much as possible about those they wish to hitch themselves to, seeing as we do that marriage is a long term contract. She seemed at the time to be in a daze and out of depth. Recent facts however seem to suggest that the girl was under pressure because she was already expectant. Barring any mishaps in their relationship, Mzee Sumaku can only wish them well, and for the record give free advice to Esther and those who find themselves in her shoes: If you are stuck in a swamp, do not be agitated and try to create a sense of movement, for you will end up getting bogged further. Stand still and call for help.
Here Esther and Quincy for you and could someone please ask Hellon to drop the rigmarole of prime ministers and deputy presidents? The new constitution does not recognize prime ministers and there is the small issue of Quincy’s citizenship to be sorted out. Hellon needs to check on his diet too!

And finally, talk about making news: Alex Chamwada was terrific here, miserably watching his papers flying off in various directions and into various offices and streets in Den Hague! O my goodness. Pole ndugu!



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