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The Puzzle of Arms Caches

Posted by Popular Ombudsman on February 7, 2010

Tony Mongare and Lewis Pamba

In signs that good governance is now rotting in the garbage heap in Kenya, the same dark and corrupt forces that so foolishly pushed Kenya to the precipice in 2007/8 are still active, arms caches continue to be unearthed. Claims of the existence of more caches in several places are rife.

Last year, SUMAKU asserted that we are seeing the return of the Ngoroko state because of misuse of certain state agencies.

The AP were illegally used as PNU agents in 2007, the consequences were disastrous. Currently, all these caches are somehow linked to the AP Embakasi College (which is the de facto HQ). In all this drama, Mr. Kinuthia Mbugua, that darling of some in the dysfunctional coalition government has not uttered a word to clarify the level of involvement of his unit. This is impunity personified.

It should be remembered that in early 2008 at the height of the fighting, it is claimed that a container full of illegally imported arms disappeared somewhere in Kenya.

Prof. Saitoti, PS Kimemia, Mr. Mbugua and ultimately Mr. Kibaki himself must answer some hard questions: What is the purpose of these arms? We should not be cheated that they are destined for neighbouring countries because Narok is far from all borders, in any case we are suffering from runaway crime.

Are these arms meant to enable some dark private forces forcibly bring the nation under absolute control?

What a legacy Kibaki plans to bequeath to the long suffering Kenyan populace?

At the end of it all, This government will be judged by history quite harshly. It is only in current circumstances that a person like Mwakwere can serve as a minister without worrying about performance, for nobody really cares!

Watch this clip if in doubt:


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