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Is politics not dragging Kenya down?

Posted by Popular Ombudsman on January 7, 2010

Kenya has become a country that puts its sick politics first and foremost in everything it does.

Ordinary national exercises like carrying out a census or reviewing a constitution have all suffered because of the ethnic based politics that rules. In the constitutional review, the individual rights are sacrificed at the alter of tribal political arithmetic and now, it appears that the field data for the census may have been manipulated to shore up ethnic numbers for the sake of political manipulation.

Sadly, Kenya is a effectively a captive of tribalism and both citizens and leaders must purpose and urgently act to avoid the eventual death of the nation.
We ought to have de-linked these important exercises from the current politics. For instance, why did we have to seek to know the tribes of individuals when tribe does NOT define where the person stays? Why try to profile tribes, numbers and such nonsense if not for political games? Kenyans should note that current politics is transient but the country remains!


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