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So what is the former President saying here?

Posted by Popular Ombudsman on January 4, 2010

Mzee Moi never ceases to amaze nowadays! So if he started Nyayo Tea Zones, we are supposed to say ahsante baba by paying him some billions? How merciless can Moi be? Surely for a man at 86 years of age who owns all the land he owns in Kenya and outside Kenya, why could he be so mean as to expect poor Kenyans to pay him for grabbing land in Kiptagich? Mr. Moi owns Kiptagich Factory and the public which he claims owns 75% is imaginery. We know that he tried to force farmers to pay levies for processing their tea at Kiptagich and they refused and took it elsewhere. Please kindly allow us to nurse our misery quietly, for we do not wish to throw bad words at you because you are our former president. Furthermore, surrender that Kiptagich property to the government lest all the other things you did in 1991-1993 become known.

Do you remember State Lodge in Milimani Complex, Trans Nzoia? Who owns it? How and when did it become private property? Honestly, do you believe you will ever actually need all this land in this life or the life after? Save us this embarassment.
Please follow this link to see more of Moi’s “great deeds” the truth?



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