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Narok arms cache no surprise

Posted by Popular Ombudsman on December 9, 2009

So everybody is acting surprised by the presence of huge amounts of ammunition and we dare say guns (which should be unearthed if the police do their homework well)? This development should not surprise anybody because of two reasons: One, during the pogroms of early 2008, it is whispered that containers of arms were imported for use by certain militias, and to date, no public report has ever been released to explain where the arms went or who ordered for them. But the people who received them are alive and they have friends and relatives.Did the police make an attempt to recover those arms? If they did not, are the arms supposed to have evaporated on their own?

From Narok to the nearest source of arms is quite a long distance. Most arms come from Somalia or Sudan, assuming that police statements are accurate. But the source of these latest arms cache is no doubt the Ordinance Factory in Eldoret. So the question that begs an answer is this, how did government ordinance end up with a private individual? Why Narok and not anwhere else? How was all that deadly cargo transported around without being detected? Was it by air or by road? If by road, is there any use keeping all the numerous roadblocks one encounters on Kenyan roads? The roadblocks net all the roadworthy vehicles because they must pay bribes and allow deadly cargo to go through uninspected!

Finally, is this all? In other words, with 100,000 bullets, you need a fair number of guns to utilise them. Where are the guns? Is the arrest of Mr. Maritim (AP chief Armourer) an indicator of the complicity of some government agents?

Finally, is the intelligence system convinced that they are not delivering? As we have said in the past, Nairobi needs to be combed relentlessly and intelligently for several months to weed out all the armed criminals operating there. The fruits will be clear to all, because crime will drop. It will also take the cooperation of the public to get our country back to a semblance of normalcy. Crime is slowly converting Kenya into a low intensity war zone. The powers behind the arms cache must be high and mighty, yet the issue at hand is whether to catch them or not. If we could not detect such a big amount of ordinance, how can we claim to be sure that Kabuga is not in Kenya anyway? The challenge is squarely on security agencies’s shoulders.

All that can be said is that we have only seen the tip of the iceberg. The full extent of arming will probably be shocking beyond belief. Watch this space.



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