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Bre’r Rabbit mathematics made in Kenya!

Posted by Popular Ombudsman on November 24, 2009

Once upon a time, bre Rabbit and Hyena went cattle trading. After they drove the cattle home, Hyena got convinced to allow bre Rabbit to care for the animals overnight so that they subdivide them in the morrow. bre Rabbit being so cunning took a sharp knife and cut off the tails of all the forty animals and stuck them into swampy ground. He then took the tailless cattle and hid them in a secret place.

Early in the morning the next day, he let out a blood curdling cry claiming that all the animals had vanished into the swamp. Presently, hyena appeared and bre Rabbit told him: “All our animals have been swallowed into the swampy ground. Please help, let us pull them out!” Only tails could be seen all over, a scene like no other. They pulled the first one so hard, and fell down in a heap having recovered a tail. Oh! The tail came off! bre Rabbit shrieked. Then another, and another and another. Finally tired and hungry, Hyena complained but bre Rabbit asked him to take a half of the tails. Hyena was hungry and took his share of tails and proceeded to eat them there and then. bre Rabbit did not even carry his because the cattle were now officially his.

This three million votes is bre Rabbit mathematics, because according to Krieglar, the elections were so polluted no one knows the winner. Last time I checked, three million and some hundreds of thousands is the figure which was obtained after the reckless inflation of numbers in various places and so a scholar like this on should not quote it ad nauseum as if it is gospel truth!

Finally, where do we take the work of the Boundaries Commission? Are they not supposed to address these inequalities? Well, maybe this is a pen for hire, after all this pen had rejected the draft even before it was actually released! Funny indeed.


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