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Amos Wako, the ban and the newspapers

Posted by Popular Ombudsman on November 5, 2009

It was a big announcement. Mr. Carson announced that a certain top Kenyan Official had been declared persona non grata on US soil. The EA Standard was brave enough to venture a guess. Many discerning Kenyans were convinced that it was smiling Amos. Finally Wako himself called a press conference to announce that he was the one.

Not that it was surprising, because of his alacrity whenever a ‘nolle prosequi’ was required to bail out a high profile personality, he has a reputation for being the pillar of impunity. The courts of course should be for the man on main street not for the propertied class who should not waste valuable time in prison.

The Daily Nation did not only tuck that story in some obscure corner but also ran around the same time an opinion piece purporting to project government thinking (which actually projected the thinking of a very few worried PNU government functionaries). The story was killed! The Standard of course trumpeted Wako’s threat to sue the USA government.

Perhaps Wako should ask himself, suppose the US Attorney General also entered a nolle prosequi in his intended case, how could he like that? Could he view it as an injustice upon his honourable self? That is still far less than how Kenyans feel! He should resign, because he is a true and complete disgrace. He abetted crimes against Kenyans without a care! Sometimes even failing to ask fr the national anthem to be played; sorry Mr. AG. What we were waiting for was not an inconsequential opinion about intended legal action (remember parliament’s opinion about Ringera??) we wanted you to say that you are quitting. You will yet do so anyway in the fullness of time.


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