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New Faces?

Posted by Popular Ombudsman on October 28, 2009

Our investigative reporters are following leads in the matter of visa bans for certain ‘main guys’ in the Kenya government. Whoever it is that was banned must have been in office for up to 15 years which were referred to by Mr. Johnie Carson. The guy is in a position to frustrate every effort at reform. So that leaves us with one permanent fixture in the last two decades.

On the other hand, if the person we are talking about is th one, then the EU, Australia an Japan should all ban this guy and his family from setting foot in their countries. That will pay handsomely.

Word on the street is that the time has come for completely new faces to emerge. Not the type represented by Maina Njenga; clean people with a good public record. People of the calibre of Mwalimu Mati, Mr. Githongo, Mr. Maina Kiai, Mr. Gullet of the red cross. People who have demonstrated a sense of nationhood. A very attractive option resides in the person of the Speaker of parliament, who has distinguished himself for getting it right by the man on the street.

Kenya has many talented people who have decided to allow hooligans to overshadow them. The fourth estate will always repeat ad nauseum the verbal diarrhoea of cantankerous pliticians and suppress the views of more reasonable Kenyans. For that reason, the media shall be remembered harshly in the history of Kenya. Let the press give us the views of new faces.


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