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Kalonzo Musyoka, the quintessential opportunist

Posted by Popular Ombudsman on October 13, 2009

This past week, everybody was mulling over the news about people rearming in readiness for 2012. Others were thinking about Annan and his findings. Others still were worrying about the drought and the starvation that is ravaging the country. A few more were worried about lawless Somalia and its knock-on effect on Kenyan security.

Some people were also thinking about constitutional review and other reforms to make Kenya more viable before 2012. The handsome man from Mwingi, whose hair is uncomfortably thinning around the occiput, which hair remains black although he is no youth and well combed even when he is asleep, aka VP aka presidential contender for 2012 was busy campaigning. He managed to use a sleigh of hand to create the impression of getting one Samoei Ruto on side. The plot did not go well as the said Ruto talked of fulfilling earlier promises first. Not that it is lost on observers that the said Ruto attracts in equal measure as he revolts.

Kalonzo seems to like jumping quickly into things before thinking harder. He may have jumped too early again because before the elections certain reforms need to be done. Who will tell him to campaign for those changes and stop behaving as if the elections are coming in November this year? He jumped at the VP’s post but even that is not interesting enough! Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka is reading too much about himself. Currently, he is not looking very presidential, whether opinion polls say he is popular or not. Many are the vice presidents who never became presidents. Ask Karanja, Saitoti, Mudavadi and Awori. They are conversant


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