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The Week at a glance

Posted by Popular Ombudsman on September 28, 2009

The past week has been full of intriguing news items. The week started off with the departure of Prime Minister Odinga on a widely publicized trip to the US. It was said that Mr.Odinga was going to represent the Government and by extension the Head of State (President Kibaki) at the UN Assembly. It was later announced that he had been invited, then “disinvited” and finally invited to a luncheon for African leaders. The strange events surrounding this fiasco never ended with the last type of “invite” but continued through to Havard University where Minister Michuki and Ambassador Ogego marched out on Mr. Odinga as he gave a speech. You do not need rocket science to see that what is known as a grand coalition government is nicely and truly divided by a not so thin line between PNU and ODM. Sadly, this took place on foreign land, which makes it more grievous and more of a grand coalition joke than government. This item was also extremely useful because it gave the reading public a chance to come to terms with editorial misdemeanors used by the two main media houses to give currency to various political groupings within the country. Objectivity was a natural casuality.
Then news of a Kenyan man who was involved in a love triangle and killed in New Zealand by another Kenyan managed to get space in the politics-saturated newspapers. Sadly, the man in his thirties had left a young wife and child back home in Kenya. Probably not a very worthy cause to lose your life for.
It was during the course of this week that a certain hitherto secret list was released to the public by some mysterious hand, warning the high and mighty that they wont be given visas to visit the USA. Not that the list has any surprises, it had the usual suspects, but the effect of the release of the list was instantaneous. The list came from the US government but was crafted by the State Department. The letters were addressed to certain individuals but either because of the nature of individuals targeted or the manner in which it was done, it pricked the normally impermeable Kibaki to the quick. It remains to be seen whether the USA President will apologize and chastice his Activist Ambassador, Mr. Rannenberger.
Two opposite items came together thus evening out the “feel good” and “feel bad” effects. It was announced that a gold mining firm called Goldplat from the UK was starting mining operations at Kilimapesa which literally means ”the mountain of wealth”. If it was good news to hear that a significant amount of a major mineral was to be mined, the smile disappeared when millions of shillings were stolen apparently by policemen detailed to provide security for the money. This demonstrated that the rot in the police force is deeper than generally acknowledged. What a welcome to Mr. Iteere, the new commissioner?

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