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And now welcome our foreign investors aka the forty pirates!

Posted by Popular Ombudsman on September 7, 2009

Whichever way one looks at the pirates holed up in an aircraft at JKIA, one is always bound to be amazed at the boldness of these people. To load such group of these types of “foreign investors”, and ferry them to JKIA from another country beats logic. Do they have visas? Did the government know before hand about the nature of travellers on that plane? If not, what could be wrong if the plane is ordered out of JKIA and asked to return them where they came from? At least, they were known before they left!

Arresting them and imprisoning them is no solution! This is because, they will be in Kenya anyway and they will clog our justice system with litigation. Alternatively, wacha wakae ndani ya hiyo ndege for the next few months before they are returned where they came from so that their friends learn. As for those in Kenya who facilitated this act, their place should be in Kamiti in the meantime.


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