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Posted by Popular Ombudsman on September 2, 2009

Held in Nanyuki on 27th February, 2009

The Special Delegates Conference of the GEMA Cultural Association:

Aware: of our core mandate that embraces the following:

* Working towards a united Kenya by promoting understanding and co-operation among the Kenyan people
* Co-operating with other like minded organizations from all parts of the country towards national cohesion
* Preserving unity, welfare and togetherness among it’s membership
* Preserving, promoting, conserving and refining African cultural heritage; and,
* Promoting sustainable economic advancement of it’s membership

This conference now resolves as follows

1. The Conference has approved and adopted the constitution of the GEMA Cultural Association at the national and branch levels
2. The Conference has approved and adopted the creation of 80 branches as currently constituted
3. The Conference has approved and adopted the officials elected in the 80 branches during elections held on the 12 th February, 2009
4. The Conference has approved and adopted members nominated and elected to serve in the GCA Supreme Council
5. The Conference has approved and adopted members nominated and elected to serve in the GCA Executive Council
6. The Special Delegates Conference has expressed sincere gratitude to all the founder members who have worked tirelessly to create GCA structures since the first informal conference held in Meru on 31st May, 2009. In particular, the conference recognized the efforts of the interim supreme council, interim executive council, the GCA Executive Director, Secretariat Staff, Members of the Election Board, the returning officers and the delegates for the hard work that has seen all GCA structures develop to full maturity.
7. The Special Delegates Conference noted that GCA is now duly registered according to the laws of the Republic of Kenya and therefore all members are free to undertake GCA activities without fear or prejudice.
8. The conference has condemned in the strongest terms of possible the extra-judicial killings of the youth. The conference has noted from the list of the victims that majority of the targeted youth are from GEMA communities. In this regard, GCA categorically demands that all those implicated as being directly or indirectly responsible for these killings be interdicted immediately pending investigations.GCA has further mandated the Supreme Council to seek audience with His Excellency President Mwai Kibaki in the next 14 days to further re-emphasize the urgency of this matter.
9. The Special Delegates Conference has noted with deep concern that since the appeal that GCA made during the Meru conference, there has been very slow speed of resettling the Internally Displaced Persons to their original homes. GCA is further concerned that while the IDP’s are languishing in the camps, they may not be in a position to prepare their farms for the forthcoming rainy season. This may lead to the country continuing to suffer food shortages, at a time when hunger is looming everywhere. GCA wishes to state that it is ready to work with government to ensure that this issue is handled conclusively and the IDP’s are restored in their status as of December 27 th 2007.
10. The Special Delegates Conference has expressed concern about the problem of youth unemployment in our region. The conference resolved to mobilize the community to work more towards resolving the youth unemployment problem. Attendant to this, the conference has resolved to work towards eradication of crime, drug abuse, alcoholism and erosion of values among our youth.
11. The conference has expressed commitment to continue working towards the unity of the GEMA community in particular and the Kenyan nation in general. The conference has emphasized on the need to build bridges with other communities and initiate cultural exchanges in order to foster national understanding.
12. The conference noted that the region has untapped economic potential which could be effectively utilized to improve the livelihoods of our people. The conference has resolved that GCA will work with the government in order to initiate viable economic projects that will lead to poverty eradication among our people.
13. The conference noted the critical need for cultural renaissance among the GEMA communities and Kenyans in general. The conference resolved that unless there are efforts to re-build our cultural and moral fabric, it will not be possible for the community and the nation to re-discover the glory of the past. In this regard, the conference has resolved to initiate, various cultural programmes.
14. The conference noted the need to have regional meetings to promote the Organization and help recruit more members.
15. The conference noted the need to ensure that allocation of employment is not discriminating GEMA in Rift Valley on account of being Kikuyu Embu or Meru.
16. The conference noted that GEMA has no stand regarding the future political leadership. We have a President now whom we love and support. When the time comes we shall decide which Kenyan to support to be in government. Those who have declared their intentions have the democratic right to do so.

Signed in Nanyuki,
this 27th day of February, 2009.

Bishop Dr Lawi Imathiu


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