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Kibaki: Nani kama Aaron Ringera?

Posted by Popular Ombudsman on September 2, 2009

The man on main street is unanimous that Aaron Ringera’s performance is not worth the suit he wears. If he is not quoting shakespeare, he spends his time with the press whining about how he has been rendered useless.
Majority of Kenyans seem to be agreed that we can spend that money more usefully, but wait a moment. Kibaki thinks nani kama Ringera? …and will do what he will, mta do?. He has only three years to go, why should you complain, wait patiently till he is done!

It is now beyond the shadow of a doubt. Kenya has become a Banana Republic and the president, Mr. Mwai Kibaki is either very naive or mentally ill. For those who have read our critiques with some level of skepticism, it should now be clear that Mr. Mwai Kibaki cares less about Kenya or its laws. What is more, he may as well pass for a foreign aristocrat out to show that what is called law in Kenya is not worth the paper its written on and he knows which laws are worthy following and which ones are irrelevant.

This is why:

“Banana Republic” is used to represent a country that is unstable, whose economy is dependent on limited activities (usually agriculture), and ruled by a small clique of wealthy, self-appointed and corrupt fellows. The country may make all the pretence of democracy and independence, but ultimately, the voice of the majority remains irrelevant as far as the running of government is concerned.

By his own actions, Kibaki has demonstrated an alarming and reckless approach to matters of overrding national interest, epitomized by the unprocedural appointment of the former ECK commissioners which decimated the credibility of the whole Electoral Commission. He neither listened nor acknowledged the public outcry, instead behaving as if the citizens were dirt; the fruits were not long in coming.

The activities of this man are inimical to the existence of the Nation called Kenya; a dangerous man indeed to retain at the helm of this dear country. He breaks the law and proceeds to insult people by quoting it and claiming to have acted according to it! Once he breaks the law thus, he opens the law to further ridicule first by other government functionaries and then by the common thug on the street.

For those who love to defend Kibaki, please evaluate this man objectively: He epitomizes impunity, and he is effectively the midwife of Kenya, the banana republic. For these acts and many others, Moi looks angelic. Moi did not break the law so brazenly. He could have it changed instead! For doing this to Kenyans, the man scores a D- average grade in leadership for this week. No wonder he sounds befuddled most of the time when reading those boring speeches! Parliament please, you are our strongest line of defense. Derail all budgetary business, Kibaki loves money so he might wake up. If he does not, remove the act and disband the KACC itself. LSK, send your best lawyers to court to stop this madness. The Board, please make recommendations as required by law. Stop impunity.



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