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The return of the ‘ngoroko’ state in Kenya

Posted by Popular Ombudsman on July 22, 2009

Kenyans need to be alarmed. They need to be very very afraid. The ruling class is taking the citizenry for a very expensive ride while at other hidden levels secret moves are being done to bring the population under the thumb of the independence ruling cohort.

Please rewind: 1976-1978; there was talk of “ngoroko” a semi-official police force which was serving strictly ethnic interests, a private army which was at the beck and command of the Kiambu mafia as was known then. It was officially going by the cover name “anti-stock theft unit” but look at their history. Where did they disappear to? How much stock was ever recovered by this special purpose unit? Your guess is as good as mine! They even did a bit of paratrooper training to boot. They could now drop on the stock thieves as it were.

Fast forward: 2007 November; A special group of uniformed people is taken to Embakasi to train for certain unspecified activities during the discredited 2007 elections. Later it turns out they were to be posted to various areas to act as PNU agents. There was total loss of public confidence in the electoral process which later proved catastrophic.

The Administration police have become the modern day ‘ngoroko’. They are having graduations in unprecedented numbers and now their mandate includes the guarding of our borders. The Army, Airforce and Navy should be disbanded because the AP is taking over.

Inevitably, one remembers that there are 20! Oh yes 20 odd provinces and 254 districts. The DCs are newly appointed and special PCs have also been appointed. We are preparing for some big event coming up very soon. Unfortunately, only one force the-AP seems to be trusted with this mission. It is getting most of the funding and being praised for sterling performance. Of course the overall commander is Kinuthia Mbogua no less. The overall commander of the ‘ngoroko’ had been James Ephantus Mungai .

This is why we need to fear. Is someone preparing to ask the question MTA DO again? Is someone preparing for some more ethnic fighting in the near future? If these signs are pointing to that, then GOD HELP US. We need to open our eyes and condemn these machinations in the strongest and boldest terms. Let the people of Coast, Eastern, North Eastern, Central, Rift Valley, Nyanza and Western stiffly resist these clandestine plans. We need reconciliation, we need constitutional reform not false security behind AP lines. We need to build trust not mistrust.




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  1. It is indeed worrisome to see Administration Police’s graduates increase exponentially, armed with the best weapons, awarded the best benefits while the Kenya Police that is supposed to fight the increasing insecurity in Kenya is dwindling, has crude weapons, live in squalor conditions and has no good benefits. Why the disparity? Kenya Police and Administration Police ought to be merged to curb insecurity in Kenya. Anything short of this is trying to outwit and hoodwink The Kenyans.

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