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Kibaki needs pardoning, how could he pardon anybody?

Posted by Popular Ombudsman on July 13, 2009

Its amazing that some sectors of the party that claims to have had a victory stolen from them, ODM, seem to prefer Ocampo’s Court to their Kenyan counterpart. It appears that Mr. Odinga and his immediate people prefer a local tribunal.

Not that it could not matter anyway. But what is it that brings Kibaki and Raila together in this matter? Is it concern for the sovereignty of Kenya as a nation as one Kalonzo and Kilonzo seem to argue? I highly doubt it. The real reason lies elsewhere…these two guys are worried that they will not escape. If a local tribunal is set up, it means the president for instance cannot be taken before it.

This must irk some politicians because they hold Kibaki responsible for the PE mayhem. Kibaki knows Kenya intimately. He knew the sensitivities of Kenyans and the delicate balancing act that Moi performed during his time. Yet Kibaki pretended to be impervious and rigged elections openly, as if daring people to do whatever they wanted. Kenyans had tasted the power of the ballot, but during the 2007 polls, Kibaki purported to roll back that power. Fighting was inevitable.

But the murderous activities of some of the protesters created suspicion that there was coordination. It can however be argued that if elections were not rigged, probably no fighting could have taken place and kENYA could be very different today.

For his role in the debacle, Kibaki and some of his ministers must face some form of justice, brewed in an international pot. That way, electoral processes might be insulated from future indolence. The ones who killed fellow victims of electroral fraud should also be taken before the court. They made fellow Kenyans suffer a double measure of misfortune, an incompetent ECK and an indiscriminate harvest of macabre activities.

Let everybody who should, be taken before the court. Let there be no sacred cows. Above all, DOWN with presidential pardon or clemency. A possible criminal cannot purport to pardon another!

-Mwananchi Mtukufu


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