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Is Kenya becoming another DR-Congo?

Posted by Popular Ombudsman on July 31, 2009

Peter Leftie –Daily Nation, 30 July, 2009

The man responsible for regulating Kenya’s border posts was on Thursday barred from accessing an exit point.

Mr Otieno Kajwang’, the Immigration minister, was blocked by Sudanese soldiers manning a roadblock on the Kenyan side of the border.

He was heading to open an immigration office at Nadapal border post when he was turned back at the roadblock mounted by the Sudanese People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) just a kilometre from the country’s border with Southern Sudan.

Speaking to the Nation, a furious Kajwang’ narrated how the soldiers denied them access to the border post, saying they were under instructions from their “superiors” not to let them proceed.

“We have been forced to call off our mission,” Mr Kajwang’ said by telephone.

The minister was accompanied by Immigration ministry officials, members of the provincial administration and officers from the Army, General Service Unit (GSU) and regular police.

A recent Cabinet decision requires that all immigration offices be located at the border. The immigration office is currently located at Lokichoggio township, about 10 kilometres from the border post.

He said that prior to his visit, the local provincial administration had informed the Southern Sudan liaison office based at Lokichoggio of his intended tour.

Mr Kajwang’ also complained about the harassment and intimidation the Kenyan immigration officials were recently subjected to by the Sudanese forces as they went to the border post to assess the ground before relocating the office.

He said that they had been forced to surrender their guns to the SPLA soldiers manning the roadblock before they could be allowed to proceed to the border post.

Mr Kajwang’ also said that three months ago, Internal Security minister Prof George Saitoti was also blocked from visiting the border post to assess the security situation. A military commander has also been turned back.

Editorial Comment

Migingo is Kenyan. Yes. Finally, oh yes at last, President Kibaki is sure it is in Kenya. Secondly, yes, it is currently occupied and governed by a detachment of Ugandans. What is more, according to the article above, it seems there was a vacuum at the Kenyan-Sudan border (there was no Kenyan contingent guarding it) so the SPLA did the next best thing…walked in and effectively captured areas next to Lokichoggio without firing a bullet. They do not allow Kenyans beyond the newly created border, whether Ministers or Uniformed soldiers. They have effectively made it part of Southern Sudan. On the Somali border, militias seem able to come into Kenya at will; many are the times Kenyan officials have been captured and taken across the border (remember the three Ministry of Education Officials) with nobody in sight to defend them. Kenyans must now wonder: where are those entrusted with defending the Kenyan borders? Are we not gradually allowing occupation by a multiplicity of foreign fighters, a situation seen in the DR Congo?

The day will soon come, at which life will be intolerable (for instance payment of taxes to foreigners while in Kenya) and our capabilities to neutralize the various occupying forces will be stretched. They are pushing the limits and daring the Kenyan resolve. The government does not seem to have a proactive stance in border security, which means then, it must not be too slow to react to such incidences. It is similar to cancer, get it early, and minimise the damage; wait too long and you lose the patient.


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This is how “beastly” humans do it

Posted by Popular Ombudsman on July 29, 2009

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