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So we said…and here comes Bishop Shiundu

Posted by Popular Ombudsman on June 13, 2009


The latest confession came from Father Daniel Kasomo, who unveiled his wife of 20 years during the burial of his mother in Mbiuni, Mwala District, last weekend.

Fr Kasomo, a leading member of Married Priests Now! Catholic Prelature, said at least 10 of his colleagues want to marry and start families. He said the church can do itself a favour by allowing priests and nuns to marry.

“The reality is that priests are not preaching the truth to their congregations every Sunday. There are many priests out there who have families and children, yet they celebrate Mass. The faithful know this, but they are afraid of speaking the truth. Why are we cheating God in the name of religion?”

The priest said some of his colleagues have wives and mistresses.

“In my 17 years of priesthood, I have seen priests advocating abortion, which the church disapproves. The time has come for the truth to be told if we are out to please God,” he said, adding that celibacy is destroying the church.

“Because of loneliness and lack of intimacy thousands of priests have turned into alcoholics, homosexuals and bisexuals,” he said.

Elsewhere, Archbishop Karl Raymond Rodiq of the Ecumenical Catholic Church of Christ has said priests who are willing to marry should be allowed to minister alongside their colleagues who practice celibacy.

“We are not at war with anyone,” Dr Rodiq said two weeks ago, after he ordained Bishop Godfrey Shiundu and auxiliary bishop Benedict Simiyu to lead his church in Kenya.

The two, who left the mainstream Catholic church after confessing to have secret love lives, were ordained at the Kitale ASK grounds. The splinter church is said to have many followers across the country.

Bishop Shiundu, who defected, married and joined the Reformed Catholic Church, said: “The priesthood is a calling. At the same time, it calls for sincerity. There are many priests who have discovered that they need to marry and have families, and yet they still want to continue practising.”

He said that, biblically, marriage is not a sin, and the church’s doctrines are not guided by individual interests.
-Sunday Nation 14th June 2009


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