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Reformed CC: No threat to the Roman Catholic Church-Nyawir!

Posted by Popular Ombudsman on May 28, 2009

A news item that caught the eye of our news monitors: There is set to be another ordination of a Catholic Priest with a difference. A married man.
The item on Daily Nation says that a splinter group of the Catholic communion is set to ordain a family man as leader flies in. The man Mr. Francis Nyawir is now preparing for new responsibilities as an ordained priest to run a church in Kisumu. Already, the Reformed Catholic Church leader, Archbishop Dr Raymond Carl has flown into the country to officiate.

“It is not a church of rebels; we recognise the Pope, and carry out all sacraments and Catholic prayers,” Mr Nyawir says. He still retains friendship with his former colleagues at the seminary though some feel uncomfortable associating with him.

“Our church is viewed as a threat by the Catholic Church and some congregations have been advised against attending our ordination service. This should not be the case since we are serving the same God and building the same kingdom,” he says.

Apart from the difference over marriage, the Reformed Catholic Church differs from its mother church because of its recognition of faith healing, speaking in tongues and other charismatic practices.We are also more democratic since lay people are allowed to take part in meetings and their opinions are valued and respected. In such a case a unilateral decision such as the one that led to my excommunication would not occur,” he says.

-Mr. Nyawir (A soon to be ordained priest of Reformed Catholic Church in Kenya)

-So what appears to be the trouble? Marriage? But many of the priests are informally married anyway? Perhaps control is more like it.-Editor


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