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A tragic situation

Posted by Popular Ombudsman on May 17, 2009

There were four people; EvErYbOdY, SoMeBoDy, AnYbOdY and NoBoDy.
There was a critical job that needed to be done. EvErYbOdY was sure that SoMeBoDy would do it. AnYbOdY could have easily done it, but NoBoDy did it. SoMeBoDy got angry about that because it was EvErYbOdY’s job. EvErYbOdY thought AnYbOdY could do it. But NoBoDy realized that EvErYbOdY wouldn’t do it! EvErYbOdY ended up blaming SoMeBoDy yet NoBoDy did what AnYbOdY could have done…Anonymous


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