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Kenyans-Heart to Heart…on Migingo

Posted by Popular Ombudsman on May 13, 2009

I wonder, if really we are one nation
and whether we understand the concept of nationhood.

The president has not been able to assure Kenyans that any
external aggression into Kenyan territory will be met with
forceful resistance, since this is his cardinal and sacred
constitutional duty. We are aware that diplomacy works, but not when you are disadvantaged by the aggressor who is sitting right in your own bedroom and wants you to negotiate for what you believe belongs to you. The aggressor finally leaves, but not without announcing his return again.

The Migingo Island is Kenyan and when our leaders in Parliament speak against the aggressor, who is now saying that Migingo belongs to Kenya but the waters around the Island belongs to Uganda, other MPs want to make us understand that it is not proper to discuss about a friendly neighbor. Some of our leaders are betraying our nation and making us, citizens vulnerable, since our unity is not demonstrated at a time when our neighbor is claiming a Kenyan territory. It is true other countries, like the DRC, Sudan and Rwanda have been destabilized by external forces and have had to go through very fluid situations that have taken millions of lives. We Kenyans, should not take any thing for granted. We are a nation of many tribes and each tribe counts in spite of our differences.

We have endeavored to live together as a nation under one Government and every individual is supposed to be protected by the the government, regardless of the tribe one belongs. We do not expect an external force to threaten or embark on a mission to discipline any Kenyan tribe while our government watches and acts like a supporter of the aggressor. This gives us reason to evaluate our leaders’ patriotism and the effectiveness of our government, with a view to reprimanding and changing the leadership through a vote. Betrayal of our nationhood is a treasonable offense and it endangers the 38m. Kenyans.

The Migingo Island issue is potentially dangerous to all Kenyans and any leader who supports the aggressor, should be treated as the aggressor himself, must be resisted, and stripped off the leadership position. It really does not matter how much we hate each other, the point is, if all other tribes varnish mysteriously and only one tribe is left, Kenya will remain for the tribe that remains and nobody under the sun, from outside, will claim even an inch of Kenyan soil without that one tribe resisting and fighting back to the last man.

Our cultural differences should not be the reason to subject other citizens to be humiliated or mistreated by foreigners. Our political differences are necessary, democratic and a good check for any excesses perpetuated by the ruling class. These differences have helped us to grow politically and we are still perfecting and maturing in our efforts to create a just society.

The diversity of our skills and talents should not be seen as a threat to the government or individual tribes, but to be seen as instruments of progress and prosperity. If you get frightened when others are raising serious questions or concerns about your performance, without listening to understand the questions, remain calm and answer the questions, you are likely to be intolerant and always taking a hate position. We know, people like doing things without being audited and when the audit is being done, there is resentment and hate attitude develops. Why does this happen? This is because some of us do not care about the standard and quality of work we produce. This is why Kenya is blessed to have the Luo community who have always questioned wrong political moves in Kenya and some corrections have been done, where things, should have otherwise gone very wrong.

You can imagine, if we did not have a strong opposition, very many, many,many things would be very, very, very wrong in Kenya. We thank God for the Odinga family. We have always been able to see the other side of the coin clearly when it is hidden from us. The Odinga family has fought for democracy in Kenya and championed freedom of speech even at the height of extreme dictatorship.

My dear Kenyans, let us all assure ourselves that Kenya is ours and we will endeavor to protect it, come what may. Let us make our leaders accountable and test their loyality to the nation and the citizens of Kenya.

-Andrew Kerosi (mwanyagetinge)


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