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So Mutahi Ngunyi thinks Marende and Annan are righteous cowards? Uh?

Posted by Popular Ombudsman on May 11, 2009

Mutahi Ngunyi is telling Kenyan men to be very agitated…very angry because of two people: Kofi Annan and Kenneth Marende. His reasons are spelt out in an article in the Daily Nation, 9th of May. Apparently, Kofi Annan is guilty because he did not send the envelope to Den Hague and Marende is guilty because he did not select one or other for the Leader of Government business.

By this reconing, Kofi Annan failed to prosecute the sinners who fought other innocent people during post-poll violence. It was then his duty to come to Kenya and create order from the chaos by sending those that Mutahi Ngunyi hates to the ICC. It could also appear that Marende also failed to pronounce the person Mutahi Ngunyi wanted for Leader of Government business. So both are righteous cowards because even if he ruled one way or the other, NOTHING was going to happen anyway. Equally, Kofi should have added fuel to the pogroms by choosing the guys to send to the ICC.

Now let us subject these thoughts to some closer scrutiny; in 2007 November, it was openly said that “hakuna kitu mtafanya, you are going nowhere…wacha domo domo…etc”.  If you were in Kenya then, you will  attest to this. So somebody went ahead to provoke the Kenyan public and pit them against each other by acting recklessly. That man was Mwai Kibaki using the foolish-bravado of Kivuitu and his ECK.

Within days Kenya became hell on earth and for the first time, I had money but could not get phone credit, food, fuel for the car, nothing. What is more, I could not even travel to my native Kisii. My children could not go to school and all along, Mutahi Ngunyi HAD gone silent!  Everybody literary hang their hopes on that “righteous coward” called Kofi Annan. I recall seeing Mutahi on NTV on 28th Dec, 2007 saying “I request my people to accept defeat” he has forgotten and changed!

Mr. Ngunyi, I do not wish to experience that bravado again. No. Not today or tomorrow or ever! The righteous coward called Kofi Annan is the one who stemmed the blood-letting. He created the space we needed to reflect on Kenya as a country. The hope was that those who felt cheated could pull back from the brink (which they did) and give chance to the repair of our soured relationships. You need to know that many Kenyans think that there are two laws operational in Kenya right now. One for your kindred and one for the rest. Your burden is to prove that feeling wrong!

Give me the choice between righteous cowardice and foolish bravado and I will choose righteous cowardice all the time. Why? Because it will include caution and will minimize my suffering and that of other innocents. Wake up and smell the coffee Bwana Mutahi!



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