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Kenya’s CID to investigate 9.6 bn typo scandal?

Posted by Popular Ombudsman on May 10, 2009

The CID is famous now for not resolving thousands of straight forward cases, even when the suspects have left large foot prints in their wake. Just take a look at the outcomes from court cases and you will understand. The rule seems to be, the higher and richer the criminal, the more unlikely to be taken to court or convicted for that matter. (See separate narcotics story elsewhere). Who is this telling Kenyans to stop questions because CID has started investigations? That is diversionary, parliament should bite as deep as possible and remove as much as possible of this cancer of high level embezzlement. One just needs  to look at the composition of the treasury to understand why Kenyans should be alarmed. It is only now that Mutava Musyimi who sheepishly crawled into Kibaki’s backyard is discovering what made Kenyans fight last year: Impunity of the ruling class, the monied who belief their wealth is their god and for that god, they can sacrifice Kenya… Our dear Country. Welcome to Kenya, brother Musyimi. That is where we have been all along!


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