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The Cancer Called Land Grabbing

Posted by Popular Ombudsman on May 9, 2009

This culture started long ago; perfected by the government of Mr. Johnson Kamau wa Ngengi aka Jomo Kenyatta. He got a government loan from the colonial government to buy land for the Kenyan landless people and he declared himself the most landless…used all the money to get himself and his cronies land beyond limits.

What is more, we are still repaying those loans, but now tribalism sustains the first lie.

Yes, and the new ones have to look for shortcuts such as Anglo-leasing and Goldenbergs. So let the ticks and fleas suck. Let the porcupines feed on the potatoes. But one day, when the people’s eyes will be opened things will be elephant. Mjinga akielevuka, mwelevu yuko mashakani.

Bw. Sumaku


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