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5 years apart; the same old story!

Posted by Popular Ombudsman on April 29, 2009

Today, we will start highlighting significant points in Mwai Kibaki’s life so that readers can understand what motivates the man:

1960-Resigns from Makerere Uni and helps draft Independence Constitution.

1960’s-1983-Serves as Minister for Finance (whispers of a fictitious KENREN fertilizer factory scandal follow him).

1978-Becomes vice president under Daniel arap Moi.

1982-Sponsors motion to make Kenya single party state.

1988-Elijah Mwangale attacks him for being too parochial, having no engagement outside Othaya.

1988-Dropped as vice president, retained as minister.

1991-Defects from KANU at eleventh hour soon after repeal of Section 2A which he had SPONSORED and forms DP a

largely central Kenya gathering.

1997-becomes leader of opposition in Parliament.

2002-Wins landslide while in hospital courtesy of NARC.

2003-Reneges on some secret MoU.

2004-Appoints two dubious characters going by names Artur Margarian and Artur Sargasian to full Deputy Police Commissioners, with access to all security establishments.

2004-Releases first statement about his other wife or lack thereof.

2005-Is trounced badly at referendum, retreats into tribal cocoon…sacks all ministers who differed with him.

2005-Kenyan economy recovering with several infrastructure projects going on.

2006-Allows hooded policemen together with suspected dubious characters to attack The Standard Group; his confidante Michuki says “If you rattle a snake, be ready to be bitten”.

2006-Remains silent as two foreigners draw guns inside JKIA Airport, something unheard of in Kenyan history.

2007-Single-handedly appoints majority of ECK Commissioners to the horror of Kenyans, disregarding IPPG which he had benefitted from in 1997. It is an election year.

2007-Launches party late into the campaigns.

2007-Most polls point to a poll loss to the last.

2007-Declared winner and sworn in hurriedly under darkness within precincts of State House.

2008-Keeps silent as Kenya erupts into civil strife, occassionally going on televised press conferences to announce that he had been duly elected and installed as president.

2008-Takes three months to realize that Kenya was no longer governable, finally signs accord under great international pressure to share power and responsibility with Raila Odinga.

2009-Calls rare press conference to clarify that he has only one wife

2009-Ugandan soldiers annex Migingo Island

2009-Disregards the National Accord and Reconciliation Act and unilaterally appoints vp Kalonzo Musyoka to lead government business in parliament. Business is paralyzed in parliament for days by the ODM side of the coalition until speaker rules to enable business to go on as executive sorts out the wrangles.

So the question is what does the future hold for this veteran of Kenyan politics? How will history judge him?


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