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Missing in action: reformists of yesteryear…a study in hypocrisy?

Posted by Popular Ombudsman on April 25, 2009

WELL, initially civil strife in Kenya wasn’t a remote possibility. Then it became a distant possibility. Soon it turned into an inevitable consequence. A present calamity. At first it looked like a temporary calamity. But it stretched into a short term disaster. It grew into a medium term heartache. It has now become an endless nightmare.  We tumble at high speed towards destruction, and only parliament holds the hope for the country now. The vultures like museveni are circling high in the sky. Waiting for the carcass to stop kicking. And Mr. Emilio Mwai Kibaki is fast zzzzzzzzzzz.

Perhaps Moi had good reasons for sacking this man as vice president many years back. But he never shared them with us! Museveni has very very little regard for diplomacy. It should be remembered that as far as can be recalled,  Museveni uses diplomacy to buy time for military gains. Remember the 1985 negotiations and his dealings with other neighbours.

We have all been in denial, more especially the dr. gibson kamau kurias, kiraitu murungis and kivutha kibwanas of this world. It is unbelievable that these people who projected themselves as reformers have shut their ears,  eyes and mouths. They have also blocked their noses so that they do not smell the rotting corpses in hamlets and other killing fields.

It can only be hoped that these hypocrites do not and will never represent the ordinary man or woman from Central Province. The Agikuyu people must wake up from their stupor.  Kibaki’s presidency has brought more suffering than joy! Not just for them but for many other Kenyans too. Do not be deceived by the whispered  “thirikali ni iitu”  nonsense.  No.  Open your eyes to the manipulation of this clique…the people who rode on the backs of the common man and instead of getting off once across the river, turned into ogres and stuck their long probosces into the back of the Kenyan population. They suck our blood to date. They eat our sweat and what is more, they don’t give a damn if you finish each other. Their homes are heavily guarded anyway!

At no time, whether during Kenyatta’s time or Moi’s time have Kenyans felt so vulnerable. Hopeless because of the lack of visionary leadership!  Kenya is bigger than Kibaki, Raila and Kalonzo. Infact it is bigger than all of them combined together. It belongs to all of us! We seem to have a magnetism towards ethnicity, but let us together close this sad chapter of our independent history. Sisi sio sumaku ya kushikilia ghasia, hapana!  Tu watu wenye macho na akili timamu.


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